Music Instructors - Temple, Texas

"Dolce Music Studio Expands to Temple, TX: Sharing the Gift of Music Education with More Communities"

Dolce Music Studio, led by Brenda Bedell, has been sharing the gift of music education with the community in Georgetown, TX for over 13 years. With a faculty of 24 teachers and 250 students, Dolce Music Studio has established itself as a leading institution for piano education. Now, with the opportunity to expand, Dolce Music Studio is proud to announce the addition of a new location in Temple, TX, serving the surrounding area.Brenda Bedell brings 50 years of experience teaching piano privately and in groups. Her lifelong ambition to share the gift of music with others has led her to develop a variety of lesson formats that include private lessons, group ensembles, and engaging music theory. She believes in the importance of variety, artistry, rhythmic accuracy, commitment to excellent technique, and a genuine passion for the heart of music in all lesson formats.As the Music Director of Dolce Music Studio, Brenda has created an atmosphere that motivates each student to not only play music but to love making music. In addition, she has developed a Student Teacher Program, which provides an opportunity for advanced piano students to learn the art of teaching piano lessons. Brenda currently oversees two students, each having 10 years of private and group instruction, participating in the Student Teacher Program.With the addition of a new location in Temple, TX, Dolce Music Studio is excited to continue its mission of sharing the gift of music education with the community.

Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel was fortunate to have a mother who was the first accredited female band director in Louisiana. At the age of 13, his first drum set instructor was Joe Morrelo (drummer for Dave Brubeck) and then Roy Haynes (drummer for Miles Davis and others) when he attended the first Ludwig Percussion Symposium. Jack toured Europe with the All Student’s Band USA, at the age of 15, and performed with various bands throughout southern Louisiana. After attending LSU in Baton Rouge, he performed with the Baton Rouge Symphony and various circus and rodeo bands. He currently drums with John Pierre and the Zydeco Angels, Paul Klemperer Jazz Quartet, the modern Rock Band Relative Circle, and World Music Band Suburban Beat. Jack is excited to teach percussion as well as vocals at Dolce as a Master Teacher and performer. He also directs intro group percussion classes each year as an elective for our summer camp music tours.

Jack Daniel

Stephanie Goehner

Stephanie Goehner has had a love for music since before she can remember. She grew up singing with her family at home and in church. At her Mema’s house, she listened intently as her grandmother played the piano and taught her notes and chords. As she got older, she started learning to read hymnals and listen to her mom sing harmony eventually harmonizing pretty well herself! Her sisters and mom all played the flute so Stephanie joined in, taking up band, dance, church and school choir, piano lessons, and voice lessons as well. Her senior year of high school she taught flute and played in the church band. While attending Baylor University she sang in the women’s choir and currently sings with the church‘s praise and worship team. Sharing the gift of music isn’t a job but rather a joy for Stephanie and her creative style is evident. She is great for beginning piano adding an element of singing to the lesson format providing essential tools to put a song in your heart!
Stephanie Goehner - Dolces Music

Ernie Lopez

Ernie Lopez is a student at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. He is pursuing a degree in Music Education and plans to get his Masters in Jazz Studies. He is studying percussion and has been playing since he was 11. Ernie is also a jazz pianist and has played at numerous jazz festivals and competitions around the country. He has played and worked with some of the leading jazz musicians in the field. As an instructor, Ernie will develop technique and push his students to the absolute best while making music and having fun.
Ernie Lopez - Dolce Music

Kaytlin Gonzales

Kaytlin Gonzales has been singing and playing the piano for as long as she can remember. Her mother through homeschooling taught her how to read music about the same time she started to learn how to read. In 2016, she earned her bachelor’s degree in music education at Freed-Hardeman University. She originally intended the major to help her knowledge and experience grow in teaching piano lessons, but grew a passion for helping those in the public school system. After college, she worked at a Title I elementary school in Houston, teaching Kindergarten through 4th grade Music  to a student body of about 900 children. This experience showed her that she needed to continue with the one on one scene if she were going to make the bigger impact. Kaytlin has been teaching private piano lessons for 9 years, since she was in high school, and is striving to grow along with her students every day. She has worked with beginner and intermediate students from young child to adult, including special needs children. She strives to instill a joy in and a love of music in every student through her classes that will stay with the student for the rest of their lives no matter where the journey of life takes them. Kaytlin is available online only.

Growing up in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Alena Kamchatna began studying piano at the age of six. As a child, her talent led her to participating in many regional competitions and music festivals. She took her talent to the next level by attending a specialized musical school during her teenage years. From 2008-2013, Alena earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music performance from the Kharkiv National University of Arts. Then, after receiving a full scholarship, she spent the next three years earning her dual master’s degree from the International Anton Rubinstein Academy in Dusseldorf, Germany and in La Spezia, Italy. Since she began studying, Alena has also accumulated six years of teaching piano to students of all ages and skill levels. She has studied and performed with numerous famous musicians in Ukraine, Germany, and Italy. After graduating from Anton Rubinstein, the academy offered her a job to stay as a piano teacher in their pre-college program. Alena’s main teaching philosophy focuses on studying classical music, but she also enjoys experimenting with piano interpretations of modern pop music. She is available for virtual lessons only.

Marty McAllister

Marty McAllister is an experienced piano and voice teacher of 40 years. She graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in Music Education with principal in voice, and began studying piano at the age of 5. Marty has created personal studios of up to 60 students in three cities, Dallas and Austin, and a small town in Oklahoma. She has many talents which include being a writer, an artist, and enjoying the interaction of the arts. Marty expresses her delight in her new home in Sun City, Georgetown and excited to be a part of the faculty at Dolce Music Studio.

Patrick McAndrew

Patrick McAndrew is an experienced drummer who attended the Musicians Institute where he was educated by some of the best instructors in the world. After school he moved to Central Texas to pursue his career as a professional musician. Since then he has recorded on two studio albums and toured with bands that are signed to major record labels. Patrick also practices daily and believes that every drummer is born a student and dies a student, the learning never stops. Patrick’s teaching styles and techniques vary for each student. He is a very patient instructor but pushes each student to achieve their goals. He states, “I know every student learns differently, so each student gets a custom lesson plan that meets the way he or she learns”.

Sasha McCollum

Sasha McCollum Leise has worked with music students for 20 years. After working many years with local students learning a variety of instruments and styles, she received her formal education through Temple College. She offers private piano, flute, violin, or beginning guitar lessons while creating opportunities for monthly group enrichment classes. Praise band or chamber ensemble groups provide balance and motivation to students as well as developing a musical bond with friends. As a homeschool mom with three boys, and as an elementary teacher, Sasha has a passion for working with students and helping them discover their natural love of making music. She is involved in local church music and provides her students with skills to express melodies from the heart regardless of which instrument they play. By laying a foundation of proper technique and developing lesson formats with a variety of styles and curriculum, Sasha is excited to share the gift of music at Dolce Music Studio in Temple, Tx.
Sasha McCollum

Hannah Mills

Hannah Mills has been working as a Piano teacher since 2015 and is now joining Dolce Music Studio faculty. She has worked as a collaborative pianist through UMHB and Temple College. She studied performance in Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Located in Siena Italy. She has performed chamber music across Italy and with the UMHB Wind Ensemble in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Her passion is finding a way to show every child that with a little bit of work, they can achieve anything they may dream of. Hannah will offer a supplemental group enrichment class to provide as a varied format from the weekly private lessons. The monthly Enrichment Piano Ensemble and Performance Training classes will provide students the pathway to take their music to the next level. This instructor is not only personable, she has a creative spirit which will motivate those she works with to excellence.

Hannah Mills Dolces Music

Jesse Santos

Jesse Santos began playing drums, bells, and timpani in middle school and continued through high school in Temple, Texas. He participated in the school’s marching band, jazz band, and orchestra. He also competed in District and Region competitions and in the University Interscholastic League Solo and Ensemble. His love of drums led him to join the rock band “Hot Ice” during his senior year of high school. Jesse believes drums are an important part of music, since they are played in almost every genre of music. With over 45 years of experience playing drums, Jesse is looking forward to teaching beginner students about percussion and drumming on the trap set.
Jesse Santos - Dolce Music

Jon Webster

Jon Webster is a pianist and guitarist from Austin, Texas. Starting lessons at age 4, he graduated from Mary Hardin Baylor with a bachelors in music in 2003. Following this he earned his ThM in Pastoral Leadership from Dallas Seminary. He has focused on church music and currently resides in Belton. He led youth band for many years at several churches. He toured with Charla Corn, Texas Country Artist, and can also be found playing keyboards in Central Texas premiere 80s band, Members Only. Skilled at bringing fun and hard work to each lesson, Jon has a passion for helping young people to fall in love with music.
Jon Webster