Come explore rhythm, movement, and music theory in a fun and engaging musical journey designed just for your child! The purpose of Bella Musica is to establish a love for music at an early stage of life and lay foundational concepts for future music instruction your child may want to pursue. The Bella Musica curriculum is carefully created to introduce basic music theory and rhythm, develop gross motor skills, and enhance visual and spatial understanding. Children also learn cooperation, waiting their turn, and singing in unison as they strengthen their right brain activity and eye-hand-ear-brain connections. And, what fun it is to sing Bella Bella Musica all day! Included each semester are the Bella Musica Lyrics and accompaniment to sing along at home. We encourage you to sing the songs with your child throughout the week. Do the movements. Act silly and have fun. The more you sing and move to the beat, the more these musical concepts will be retained. More importantly, the more you and your child have rhythmic interaction through music and movement, the more you establish a love of music that will last a lifetime!
Bella Musica Children's Music & Movement
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“The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” – Johann Sebastian Bach