2022 - 2023 Calendar

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Dolce Voice Ensemble is a monthly group Enrichment class for our experienced students who enjoy singing together. The vocal ensemble will be accompanied by  keyboard or guitar as they sing in harmony to bring some of the best songs to life with  expression and motivation.  Semester performances are TBA for students to share their accomplished repertoire to the community.

Creative Strings, directed by Jamie See, is a monthly enrichment peer group opportunity for our enrolled students as a varied format to their weekly private lessons. This will provide a fun motivating opportunity to expand student’s musical understanding of their instrument to include ensembles as well as fiddling fun. The group setting develops important ensemble skills like rhythmic accuracy and musicianship while enjoying the exhilaration of hearing the melody supported with harmonization. 

The Piano Ensemble is scheduled as a monthly class for our private students to enjoy the rhythmic excitement of a peer group.  The piano has traditionally been a lonely instrument but now duet and ensemble performance has proven to enhance motivation and rhythmic accuracy. Each student will be assigned different parts of the music ensemble as a piano group or multiple instruments to create an atmosphere of achievement and commitment with their music partners. Dolce will also use this opportunity to implement a better comprehension of music theory, technique, and rhythmic accuracy. This opportunity is also a part of the Student Teacher program as the Master Teacher will group students in an ensemble monthly to enhance rhythm, provides motivating goals, and just plain fun as the he or she provides direction for the Student Teacher.

Chamber Music Intensive is a monthly peer group providing intermediate and advanced students with goals and opportunity for performance training. Monthly rehearsals are scheduled from 2:00-3:30 on Sundays marked on the Dolce calendar. Steve Merson directs the chamber group for violin, viola, piano, and cello. Our goal is to enrich the education of our private students by bringing their talents and skills to unite in a group of performing musicians. As Mr. Merson seeks to select repertoire for the winter/spring semester, he plans to choose varied genres to give contrast, excitement, and motivation for these musicians to inspire each other and their audience. This group will have scheduled public performances TBA.

Folk Rock or Praise Band  is a 45 minute monthly enrichment peer group opportunity for our enrolled students as a varied format to their weekly private lessons. Each group setting helps develop important skills like playing in time with others, playing by ear, improvising, and singing in tune as a band. This supplement will enhance a better understanding of rhythm to give a great foundation to other musical settings. Ron’s students will have input as to the music they select whether country, folk, rock, or worship. This will provide an excellent balance for music education designed for motivation and success.

Check out our video page for highlights of the Enrichment Groups performing at the Christmas Stroll.