The Student Teacher Program

The ST Program is provided at Dolce Music Studio by training our advanced students, age 16+, the skill of teaching beginners. Our purpose is to give opportunity to our older students who have had many years of study as well as providing a varied format to inspire our young beginners at a reduced rate. Student teachers will teach weekly lesson plans as private lessons to their beginning students based on their master teacher’s instruction. One monthly group ensemble will be directed by the master teacher for evaluation and direction. Student teachers are required to write a weekly lesson plan for parents. Their master teacher will review monthly keeping a cohesive music foundation designed for success. Read bios below of our current student teachers.

Dolces Music

Ava Callas

A student from St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School, began her music journey at age 6 by taking piano lessons with David Pencil and quickly added voice. At age 7 she continued her music journey by adding guitar lessons with Michael Ross and is self-taught on the ukulele. Ava is teaching guitar lessons at Dolce and has completed her student teacher training. During her final semester before leaving for college, she has now been promoted to Master Teacher. She has performed in several Coffee House events for her high school by playing guitar and singing. Ava has sung the national anthem at her Homecoming football game and performed at a parent social event for her school. She started classical guitar about 5 years ago to expand her guitar skills with Michael Ross. She also plays guitar in her school string orchestra. Ava has always been involved in athletics and currently plays basketball for her high school. She is part of the Spanish, Math, and Music Honor Societies. You can find Ava singing and playing guitar every chance she gets and is super excited to share her love of music with others!

Dolces Music

Zoe Clark

Zoe Clark began playing the piano at age six and has completed her Student Teacher training at Dolce during the summer of 2022 under the direction of Monique McIntosh. After 10 years of piano training and a year of experience teaching, Zoe is excited to begin teaching at Dolce on Wednesday afternoons. In her free time, Zoe loves drawing, painting, and photography. She is on her high school yearbook staff, and is an assistant photographer for ATX Sports Photos on the weekends.

Tiffany Hargrove

Tiffany Hargrove

Tiffany has been playing the violin for ten years, nine of which were taught at Dolce, where she now teaches under the direction of Jamie See. She was born into a musical family; with her mother as a flutist and briefly a violinist, both sisters as pianists, and brother as a drummer and singer. Her first violin, in fact, was her mother’s violin from when she was a kid, which sparked her desire to pursue music. Tiffany began studying violin through the Suzuki method, and expanded her repertoire to classical, fiddle, improv, and duet pieces with her older sister. She is beginning her senior year at Grace Academy in Georgetown, and has played her violin in the worship team at school and in her youth group at Hill Country Bible Church Georgetown. Tiffany has also performed at multiple venues and public areas in her free time, and has experience playing in symphony/group settings as well. Additionally, she plans to audition for the Austin Youth Symphony this summer for the upcoming semester. Tiffany hopes to attend Belmont University as a music education major in the near future, and is excited to be able to share her love of music at Dolce. 

Jasmine Roach

Jasmine Roach has been studying music at Dolce Music Studio since she began playing the piano at age 7. Her music training has been under the expertise of Mrs. Brenda Bedell learning musicianship, technique, rhythmic accuracy and the art of expression to give her the tools needed for success in piano performance. Jasmine has participated in praise band on keyboard at worship services, at The Red Poppy Festival and Georgetown Christmas Stroll, and is the pianist for the Chamber Music Enrichment program at Dolce. Jasmine has also assisted in teaching piano intro classes at the Dolce Summer Camp Music Tours. She feels it is her calling to spread the beauty and love of music by sharing what she has learned through the Student Teacher program with training and direction from Brenda Bedell to her young beginning piano students. Jasmine is very ambitious and excited to be a part of this student teaching journey!

Carter Ungaro

Carter began his love for piano at age nine. He begins his student teaching under the direction of Monique McIntosh after completing his summer internship during a Half Day Music Tour. After Carter’s training, it is apparent he has an exceptional connection with teaching children. He brings his joyful personality into his performing and compositions. He is grateful for the gift of making others smile through music. In his free time, he plays catcher on a competitive high school baseball team. He has competed in large scale Lego robotics competitions, and he still enjoys creating intricate builds. Carter also loves the drama team at church, where he does skits for younger kids. When he gets a chance to relax you will find him nose deep into a history book or playing games with his little brothers.